Do You Have A Smegma Problem?

If you’re uncut, odds are you know what smegma is—but if you’re cut, you may be in the dark. Smegma, also known as the slang, dick cheese, is build up underneath the foreskin that resembles white paste or cottage cheese. For anyone who has been brave enough to eat the stuff, most say it smells bad, and […]

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An explanation of smegma, also known as dick cheese, and easy remedies to alleviate the issue.

If you’re uncut, odds are you know what smegma is—but if you’re cut, you may be in the dark. Smegma, also known as the slang, dick cheese, is build up underneath the foreskin that resembles white paste or cottage cheese. For anyone who has been brave enough to eat the stuff, most say it smells bad, and has a tangy taste. Some people believe it’s simply caused by poor hygiene, but in reality, that’s not true at all.

For uncut men, smegma is the body’s way of keeping the head of the penis lubricated. If it weren’t for this cheese-like substance the inside of the foreskin would be too dry, and it wouldn’t be able to retract on its own when the penis gets hard. This would mean that the foreskin would need to manually pulled off the head of the penis. When people state that uncut men don’t need lube, smegma, the natural lubricant, is the reason why. It is just like women, as the vagina is naturally self-lubricating. Men who are circumcised don’t have the luxury of being able to masturbate without lubrication.

Now, while smegma is a natural occurrence, there are a lot of people who are turned off by it. There is no cure for smegma, other than going under the knife for a little foreskin nip (circumcision). But not too many guys are willing to part with the extra skin at the end of their dick, as it means sacrificing penile sensitivity and a piece of manhood. Smegma builds up over time, so the best thing you can do is to wash thoroughly every time you are taking a shower, to keep it from reaching the point where it looks like you dipped your junk in cottage cheese.

Fact: smegma slowly decreases as men grow older.

The best way to clean your penis and to remove existing smegma is to use warm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot because you don’t want to burn your dick. You’ll want to take your penis with both hands and retract the foreskin off the head of your dick. Take a wash cloth and gently cleanse the area; don’t rub too hard when cleaning, gentle is better.. Stretch the foreskin enough so you can thoroughly clean underneath it. It’s important to never use harsh soaps when washing your genitals because it can dry out the skin and cause irritation, which can be uncomfortable. Using harsh soaps may also cause a rash if you fail to rinse properly, or in some cases, strip the penis of all natural oils and cause it to be so try that the natural smegma lubricant over-produces, exacerbating the problem.

If things are heating up and you’re with a guy who has some dick chees, don’t gasp in horror. Yes, he should be paying more attention to his personal hygeine to keep it under control, but it doesn’t mean he is disgusting. Smegma happens to all uncut men. It is there to ensure that his dick functions properly, and comfortably. All he has to do is keep it washed so the smegma doesn’t over-accumulate. If it bothers you all you need to do is to ask him to take a quick shower, or suggest taking a sexy shower together before things go any further, but make sure you are polite when you do it. Rudeness isn’t necessary in this situation, as it can be embarrassing for your partner. In most cases the problem can be sorted out in just a couple of minutes and then you can start servicing with a smile.


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One thought on “Do You Have A Smegma Problem?

  1. Sean

    Uncut men are not all alike in the amount of smegma they produce–some men never get a visible accumulation. The white component of smegma is dead skin. The scent comes from harmless bacterial action. Different men have different scents: some are like sage or dill, whereas others have a sharp, penetrating scent like vinegar. Probably in prehistoric humans, the scent, which is exposed when a penis is erect and the foreskin pulls back, was a signal that a man is erect and desirous of sex. In the gay community in America, the scent of smegma is appealing to some men, connoting as it does a masculinity. Gay partners of uncircumcised men often grow to like the scent of their partner’s smegma, so one should not automatically assume that a sexual partner finds it repellent. The same is true of male sweat, which is likewise subject to bacterial action, and unless excessive, can also have an aphrodisiac effect. Uncircumcised men actually enjoy the scent of their own smegma, because it has a sexual connotation and is often arousing to them. Gay uncircumcised men when asked definitely prefer another uncircumcised men as a partner, and smegma is one of the reasons.


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